For our Global Peace class we are learning about sarvodaya which means everything rising peacefully and we can see good examples of actions taken by people in the Civil Rights Movement. One assumption that I had before this interview was that almost all white people was against African American rights and those who were for it were out protesting. This interview showed me that not all of the people who were against this discrimination were in the marches or were protesting. Instead they were peacefully telling their freinds that they were wrong and would stand up to them. Here is part of my interview with my mom.

Q: Do you have any experiences in your life with segregation or driscrimination? Please explain.

A:I knew that segregation was going on from what friends and family said about but I saw discrimination in my everyday life. One time that I remember is that my dad once was organizing a party and invited a black family. Some of the others invited to the party did not agree with this choice. My dad then told them that if they did not like it that they should not come over.