Alderman Margaret Laurino

4404 W. Lawrence

Chicago, IL 60630


July 20, 2012


Dear Ms. Laurino:


Please accept this letter as a protest regarding the current pothole issue in the streets and sidewalks around CICS Northtown Academy. This is a problem for all the people at Northtown and for the community too because everyone cares about being safe as well as taking pride in how our community looks.


There are a number of potholes covering the sidewalks that surround this school. There are also a number of potholes covering the streets in the back of this school. This is not a good thing for all of us. Potholes are considered to be another cause of injuries and accidents.


If these potholes were left alone and were not treated, there could be a number of injures and accidents for the people at Northtown and the community. For example, if a student was running to school and accidentally trips on a pothole, that student could get horribly injured and would have to go to the hospital. Also, if some was driving to school to drop his/her child or children off, that person’s car could get stuck in one of the potholes, which could result in a car accident.


I see two ways in fixing this problem so that everyone is happy. One way to fix this is to tear up the streets and sidewalks that have the potholes and make new streets and sidewalks. Another way is to just fill the potholes so that they are safe. Either one of these ways can help fix this problem.


I believe that once this problem is fixed, the school and the community will feel a sense of joy and feel glad that their community seems nice and that the streets and sidewalks will be safe enough to walk or drive on.