Chicago July 20, 12


To Whom It May Concern:



I can imagine that there must be a lot of things in your hands thus I thank you for taking the time to read this letter. As a student at CICS Northtown I hope that you receive this as a protest against the fact that we as a school are not getting enough money to make the updates in our schools and that is affecting both teachers and students.


I speak for many by saying that by not having founds for the fixing of the pipes that bring the heat in cold time or the cold in hot times we can’t learn. Many times if it’s hot students get mad and aggressive and we cant do any thing to stop this. The air conditioner pipes aren’t the only ones that need to be fix the water ones have to be fix as well. Last year I wanted to drink water and I went to one of the water fountains and it was hot so I went to another one and it was the same so I went to another one and I discover that the only cold water was yellow and I asked why and they told me because the pipes where “a little” rusted but it was going to get better.  If these problems don’t get fix then there may be a health problem to the faculty and the students.


These problems in time will cost more if they are not fix now. As a student I ask for a better environment to learn, and that we can come to an arrangement to get to this goal. The students at CICS Northtown are willing to collaborate with this cause. The money does not have to come all in one time I believe if its given little by little that things can be fair for both you and the school. If you could respond to give a view on this it would be great once again thank you.