Elizabeth D. Purvis

Chicago International Charter School

11 E. Adams

Suite 600

Chicago, IL, 60603


Dear Mrs. Pervis,

I am writing to alert you of a problem that affects my school, CICS Northtown Academy. My school, which is the place I spend hours, days, weeks, and months learning so many things, whether these things are useless and boring, or if they are something that I want to learn more about and introduce to others. But my education is being threatened, and I am afraid I am not getting a good education, one I dreamed of when I was in grammar school.

Other students at my school, and I, don’t have the resources we need. Not only that, our school is not as upgraded as other schools are, and we are suffering because of it. A simple thing like not having an air conditioner in our classes affects so many of my peers. As you probably know, Chicago’s weather is brutal, and in the summer our school is a frying pan. And in turn, my peers are not able to learn, and I feel this too; in uncomfortable conditions the last thing one would want to do is to focus and have to pay attention when they don’t feel like it. Maybe we don’t always show it, but our grades definitely do, and that’s when we really get into trouble. This problem in particular can root into something bigger. For example, bad grades can upset a teacher, and from an administrative position the teacher seems like they are not doing his/her job correctly. Lots of unfortunate things come from such a simple issue. Sometimes some students would rather not come to school when it so hot in our school.

However, I do understand why our school can’t afford a necessity like this, though it seems unfortunate that we, students and faculty, have to suffer in the heat. There are still lots problems we face in our school, tech-wise we are deprived of many upgrades that other schools have. We still have big, bulky, and old TVs that hang off the walls. One of my teachers has her desk under it and lives in fear that the TV will one day fall on her head. We don’t even use these TVs, we can’t, they’re outdated and are hard to use in a large classroom because students can’t see them because the screens are too small. There are many other problems, which can be solved by money, but again it’s something we just don’t have. It’s unfair we have to suffer our development because of this problem.

However, I have a solution, and it involves lots of people. At first when I thought about proposing this idea, I thought it would sound weird. I just want help from the community and the neighborhood that’s around my school, Northtown Academy, to help out and become involved with my school’s community. I think it’s a great idea for the community to get involved and help out a school in its community. After all, we are coming to their neighborhood to educate ourselves. I’m sure the community would love to give a hand however they could. Come to the many shows we have at our school, come to bake sales, and much more. I’m sure the people in this neighborhood are interested in our school, and if we ask them, or reach out to them, we could get help and support from them. If the community and school unite, we could become stronger, together.

If the community did get involved with the school’s activities we would become well known. We could possibly get big companies to grant us with money. They would see how well our community gets together, even if the neighborhood’s residents don’t have kids who go to our school, it shows how much they care. They see how we get together and see it as something special. If we got big companies to take an interest in us, imagine the help we could get from them. All of this coming from the community taking an interest in our school. Perhaps our dreams can come true, and our education will flourish and make us, students, into better people.