Alderman Margaret Laurino

4404 West Lawrence Avenue.

Chicago, IL 60630


July 20, 2012

Dear Ms. Laurino,

My name is VC and I am a student attending CICS Northtown Academy. I live in the neighborhood and the condition of street and sidewalks does not convince me that it is safe to travel to and from school, nor is it safe to travel to work. I am sure you are well aware of this public safety issue; we need street maintenance on these streets and sidewalks immediately to ensure the safety of our school and community.

The streets and sidewalks have been causing controversy between the parents, students, and teachers. There have been many complaints by the parents about the safety of dropping off their child at school. CICS Northtown is supposed to be a safe environment; somewhere parents will know their child will be perfectly safe by its surroundings. Our Associate Director of Operations has contacted your office many times and has not yet received any information about whether or not this situation could be handled. This situation does not affect a generous amount of the community, but it does affect the students attending the school, the teachers, and of course the parents. No one at your office has bothered to try, nor have they tried to take action. Their reason of not cooperating is that we are a charter school and students are not always residents of the community, therefore we don’t have the amount of voice and power that we need to take action. Despite the conflict of funding these charter schools we should join forces to find a way to make these improvements, since we are all living in this neighborhood.

Please take this letter into consideration and do something about these streets. I believe that you are in charge of this ward and it is your responsibility to keep the streets and sidewalks safe to travel on. Thank you for your time and I will be looking forward to these changes in the near future.