CICS Northtown Academy

3900 West Peterson Avenue

Chicago, IL 60659-3162

(773) 478-3655

2012 Civitas Schools


July 20, 2012


To Whom It May Concern,


Please accept this letter as a protest regarding the lack of air conditioning in Northtown Academy.


In Northtown Academy, there is a lack of air conditioning in classrooms that may affect or can affect students. Usually, in the summer, classrooms in Northtown get really hot and humid. When students enter those hot rooms, students are already frustrated, for students are already in uniform and we students must tuck in their shirts which makes it very hot. When there is no AC in classrooms students do not want to learn, for it’s too hot to learn for them especially when it’s a really hot day. Students need to get AC because if students do not get AC then they don’t do their work and they’re not learning, students are just so aggravated it’s too hot.  In addition to this problem, if students don’t want to learn then their grades drop, also it could lead to teachers’ quitting because its too hot in their classrooms and this could also lead to the closing of schools.


I believe having more air conditioning would change our school. I also believe if we cannot get any air conditioning we should at least be allowed to wear khaki shorts, and I also believe if the school cannot afford air conditioning then we should at least have more fans around our school. Fans do not cost a lot of money and it does not increase the electricity bill.


More air conditioning will:

  • Kids who might have sensory issues would feel a lot comfortable in an air conditioning place.
  • Students will function better with no humidity and heat.
  • If it’s too hot and students are sweating, students can’t focus on the task at hand and it’s not fair, therefore when having air conditioning students will concentrate better and finish all their work.
  • Exam time pressure can effect even the most diligent of students and if its too hot it can push some pupils too far. The inability to concentrate and fatigue are the two main symptoms of being way too hot which can be bad when students are taking tests, but if there is air conditioning students will exceed in their exams.


Thank you for your time,