During our second week of the Global Peace Course, our assignment was to protest against something we found in need of positive change. I chose to protest to some members of the Board of Directors and leaders of my charter school because I wanted them to know about some of the maintenance issues here.  I believe that something should be done about it since everyone  should feel as comfortable and proud of this school, as they would in other schools.


Chicago International Charter School
11 E. Adams
Suite 600
Chicago, Il, 60603

Dear Lorraine J. Arvin,

Please accept this letter as a protest towards funding our school’s needs for technology and resources here in Chicago, Il.

Being a student here at Northtown Academy for three years now, I’ve encountered several problems within the school which I think are truly affecting the students’ ability to learn and have a comfortable environment to be in. Northtown Academy became a charter school ten years ago and now has nearly nine hundred students. Funding for our school comes through CPS as well as CICS. However, since the economic crash, only a portion of 15% of the school’s funding goes to maintenance. Because of this, we experience some building maintenance issues that I believe negatively affect the students in their working environment. Below are some issues teachers and students believe should be addressed:

During the spring or winter it is hard to keep the students and teachers comfortable when we don’t have much A/C or windows to help keep the heat/ coolness in the classrooms. Thus, because of this, many students and teachers aren’t able to focus as much or treat each other respectfully because of how hot or cold a classroom can be and it hurts me to see people suffer in certain classrooms that don’t have A/C.

2) Sound System
As a student at Northtown, I’ve been a performer on stage as well as off. Because the quality of the sound systems either don’t work properly with projecting sound or some don’t work at all, not only is it hard to have fun and exciting events, but it also unmotivates students to collaborate and work together to do special events and have a good experience from it. And because our school doesn’t have enough A/C, it causes the students to be extremely moody and sometimes uncontrollable, which minimizes the fun in any event we have in the first place.

3) Bathrooms
All of the bathrooms in northtown either have”
-Broken doors, locks, or toilets
– Dirty Sinks/ Sinks that don’t work
-Unkempt toilets
Because of this, not only does this make the student not feel prideful of their own school, but it also might prevent visitors from visiting more often because of the dirty bathrooms, horrible sound systems, and uncomfortable climates.

4) T.V’s
Since the T.V’s are 48 years old, it’s hard to listen to important announcements or even watch important documentaries whenever we do need them. Therefore, because we can’t listen to things as well it can be rather difficult to get the most out of our education whenever we do rely on T.V for information.

I’ve researched students from other schools who have creative ideas to help fundraise their school, such as the ones I have linked here:

Some suggestions I’ve had in mind to help fundraise for our school are:

1) Having a Barbecue

2) Having a bake sale

3) Walking a walkathon

However, despite having all these ideas, I don’t think it will be possible to fundraise as much money without publicizing it first. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if you could help us spread the word around Chicago, or if you have any suggestions as to what you think we should do or would like to help us out by donating, we would greatly honor and appreciate that as well. I know that our school may not be able to fix all of our problems right away, but I believe that if we take things one step at a time, we will be able to accomplish our dream and goal.

As a student at Northtown, I believe that everyone whether one is a teacher, a parent, a student, or a visitor – should always feel that they are in a safe, comfortable, and focused environment, so that everyone can do what they can to the fullest potential. Thank you so much for your time.