Constitutional Articles for Syria

Article 1

  • Name of Value: Human Rights
    • Definition of Value: If Syrians have Humans Rights in their country, they will be able to live free and be able to express themselves however they want to.
    • Explanation of how this Value regulates practices: Citizens in this country will be able to protest, rebel, among many other things. By doing any of these things, citizens will be protected by this law which lets them exercise their rights to protest, namely, and anything else that can fall under Human Rights.
    • Examples: 1) Freedom fighters will be able to exercise these rights, and lead others to join a cause. 2) Gender Equality – meaning women will not be oppressed nor will they be stripped of their equal rights amongst men in Syria.
    • Connection to Principle: Sarvodaya – Human rights are for everyone, and when fighting for these rights everyone has to be involved, whether they ask to be involved or not, they have a voice.

Article 2

  • Name of Value: Freedom of Press
    • Definition of Value: Civilians will be able to have internet access, full media access, and no television regulations.
    • Explanation of how this Value regulates practices: If there is Freedom of Press, Syrians will have access to all types of media to learn and express themselves with.
    • Examples: 1) Newspapers will be able to inform their readers about anything and not be limited nor will it be biased. 2) TV will not be limited to just what the Syrian government wants it to be. 3) Internet will not be blocked, people will be able to surf whatever they please so long as they don’t do anything wrong.
    • Connection to Principle: Swadeshi – this principle teaches us to communicate with one’s surroundings and local economy. However, in this case, Freedom of Press allows the people of Syria to communicate with its community and find ways to unite everyone and make the people feel as if it is one nation and not divided.

Article 3

  • Name of Value: Political Freedom
    • Definition of Value: The right to vote and elect the person who the Syrians want as their country’s leader.
    • Explanation of how this Value regulates practices: The people of Syria want the right to choose the person they want to lead their country. They don’t want someone who is already ‘pre-picked’ or someone who will act as a dictator.
    • Example: The people of Syria want a Man/Woman to lead them and act as their voice, united and strong.
    • Connection to Principle: Swaraj – this principle represents the people’s sovereign – the person who Syrians can trust, who will make sure things get done that allows everyone to be happy. This person will make sure the community as a whole will function properly and fluidly.