The purpose of this assignment was to pick a country that has been facing problems and to write laws for thier constitution to make their society better. We also had to relate the new laws we created to Sarvodaya, Swedeshi, or Swaraj. I chose Spain because their problems are recent, and I wanted to find solutions for current problems. Below are a few laws I  personally wrote about Spain’s Human Rights, Basic Principles, and Security.

Article 1

Name of the value: Human Rights

Definition of this value: Everyone who feel their rights of job, education, and/or way of living has been oppressed, they have a  right to rebel and get  what they want as long as it is reasonable.

Explanation of how this value regulates practices: It regulates equality within the people and gives the people a voice to say what they want.

Examples, explanations: Teachers protesting towards budget cuts or people protesting towards unemployment.

Connections to Sarvodaaya , Swadeshi, and or/ Swaraj:  This connects with sarvodaya and swadeshi because you’re including everyone in the commnity to get together to not only help themselves and the economy, but to also have a voice to speak up towards higher authority.


Article 2 

Name of the value: Basic Principles

Definition of this value:  The higher power’s authority is to focus more on their own community’s economic problems than other countries’ economic problems even if they are allies.

Explanation of how this value regulates practices:  This regulates practice because then the people will be able to be happy with the government keeping everyone united and satisfied.

Examples, explanations:  Examples of these includes helping people with college tuitions

Connections to Sarvodaya , Swadeshi, and or/ Swaraj:   This connects with Sarvodaya and Swadeshi because not only are you focussing on the “last” person, but by helping the people, the government is also helping keep everyone together in the community as well help boost their own economy.


Article 3

Name of the value: Security

Definition of this value: The police forces shall not stop nor harm protestors unless they start engaging in violent or extremely disturbing activity. However, the police forces do have a right to keep the protestors in line in case they violate any privacy.

Explanation of how this value regulates practices:  This regulates practices in Spain because then not many people shall feel oppressed or harmed by the police.

Examples, explanations: Protesting against animal cruelty, environmental abuse, etc.

Connections to Sarvodaya,Swadeshi, and or/ Swaraj:  This connects with Swedeshi because the people nor the police are stopping one another from doing what they want just as long as they don’t hurt one another and this also causes awareness in a non- violent way.