Article #1: Nutrition for the People

Every single person should eat the right foods to stay healthy and strong. Some places don’t follow the nutrition guidelines and keep gaining weight, which could cause some health problems. For example, some schools don’t have the right nutrition values for the students, and instead, they keep giving them sloppy and unhealthy meals to eat. Some people know about this problem and that it should be dealt with, but everyone should be involved to help make the U.S. healthy and strong.


Article #2: Nature Remaining the Same

Forests, jungles, and wide-open landscapes should be kept the way they are supposed to be with no industrial problems involved. People destroy such beautiful places where animals live and roam freely and for plants to grow beautifully because of industrial purposes. This could have a serious impact on all the living creatures living in specific forests, jungles, and wide-open landscapes, and there won’t be any more animals to see and learn from and no plants to examine and discover. This community is very special to the animals and the plants, and should be treated with respect and should still remain sustainable in the U.S.


Article #3: Protection from Enemy Threats

Security must be enhanced more so that every person is safe from thieves and robbers. People’s homes and their identities are sometimes stolen and taken from the victims and used it for the thieves own needs. Thieves are nothing but cold-blooded criminals who only care for themselves, and don’t care about the victims whose belongings they stole. This is a governmental issue and should be taken care of the safety and security of the people in U.S.