Swaraj means a flipped around government, which means that the least power is at the president and the most power is with the people. For the swaraj assignment I was asked to create a presentation with three articles to a constitution of my choice. I chose to do mine on the Iranian constitution because I knew someone that I could interview.

I researched the Iranian election of 2010. This was an election that was looked forward to because the people thought that they would be getting a new president instead of Ahmedinajad. Unfortunately, there were suspicions that the elections were rigged so that Ahmedinajad would stay in power, which got people upset and they protested and were shot at and gassed. Through my investigation and questions, I believe that the elections were changed because of the masses that were protesting the election outnumbered the people who did not vote for the president.

The answers that I received from my questions confirmed my thoughts about Iran, that the government is still in the past and is holding back its population. It is because the government is a theocracy, which is where the main religion holds a powerful part in the government. The way that I see for this problem to be fixed is by creating a similar system to the United States, but instead of having a president it should have a large congress-like unit that runs the country. These members could be voted on by each region. If they were abusing their power and using it to harm the people, then I think the region could call together a vote to overthrow this person and put in someone else.
The reason that Iran’s current system does not work is because anyone with all of the power never wants to give it up. This creates the need for the president to do something about their power loss so they will use all of their time bribing people and wasting resources, instead of winning over voters by making decisions to help the country. Also, they have a certain group of people who decide what is right and what is wrong in the government, and are going along with the government because they get benefits of power. This is the reason that they can not move forward because people will always abuse their power.
I interviewed my friend SM and I used the website Aljazeera for my research.

slide three:
That you can say and write whatever and not get punished for it
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Then people do not have to feel repressed verbally If you called the leader of the country a bad name they could not do anything. I think that this applies to all spoken word and literature but not to internet posts.

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Without this you could not form together or do any parts of Gandhian principles because right when you spoke bad about the government you would be arrested so this is a key factor in these. I think the main one that this relates to though is sarvodaya because it requires everyone to come together.

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That you can be of any religion that you want and do not have to be the government’s religion
People are not forced into the government’s religion and they can be free to make their own choices. The government should not be controlled by religion

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This would create more unity between people which would also make diversity which is sarvodaya

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It means that people can come together and protest peacefully without a permit and peaceful means that there is no violence and no one is getting hurt physically.It means that people could say their feelings towards the government easier.

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It would make Swadeshi  easier because they would not face as much violent opposition.