The purpose of this Endurance project was to connect ourselves and our missions to a character we felt drawn to. I choose to connect to Isadora Duncan because of her spirit, motivation, inspiration, and her drive. I am proud of the poem I wrote and the new style I used incorporating different punctuation techniques.

Here is my poem:

How do you inspire people who have no hope left?
How can passion and motivation help create self-empowerment?
How do you use real life experiences to inspire and improve others’ lives?
How do you show women the light, when they are so use to darkness?
How do you give a wake up call to women who don’t know they are asleep?
How are you inspired to triumph, when everyone has proclaimed your failure?
How do you find the hope and energy to continually inspire and motivate others?
How are you inspired to succeed, when so many profess your failure and turn you away?
How can I inspire girls to increase their self-esteem, love themselves, and not let fears hold them back?[1]

“Dance is the unity from which all diversities of movements are born.”
“If people ask me where I was born, I tell them by the sea, under the star of Aphrodite.”
My moves “are like most free spirited women, I move freely.” [2]

My whole life I have been a talker: loud and outspoken. My teachers use to turn to me and tell me not to speak out of turn but I would turn to them in return and tell them I’ll speak when I please because these words out my mouth could never be ceased until there’s no breath left in me…….and then I breath.
Breathe in experience breathe out poetry.

Isadora = Italics
DC = bold
Isadora & DC = italics & bold
Dance like mother nature moves through you;
Speak like God blesses your tongue
Whatever you do,
Do it, like you and your higher power are one.
Every breath, you take, takes breaths:
Every move, you make, takes steps;
Whatever, you do, you do the best:
this is what separates you from the rest
A dancer does not dance to the music they dance with it; A speaker does not speak to the audience they speak for it. A dancer does not have a hard time finding the beat because a dancer dances to the beat of its own heart, the same way a Speaker is never at a lost for words for they speak the truth and nothing more is necessary. A dancer can some up a metaphor in one movement; the same way a speaker can some up a revolution in a phrase.

[3]I am the voice of my time;
a strong woman of some kind,
I write on paper what women think in their mind.
Courage is what I help them find.
I give them that push that someone gave me,
offer support and try to help them see,
show them courage and help them believe,
that they too can be free.
[4]Settling is not for me:
Mediocrity will never be good enough.
Limitations will never stop me.
I am a free bird,
and your expectations will never cage me.
I was born to lead,
I was born to roam the world freely,
not be bound by the stereotypes of my community.
I refuse to be invisible,
when I have the potential…
and essentials to be invincible.
To push through when all the odds are pushed against you; to keep going even when you don’t know where you’re going. Having the faith to walk the road, even when you don’t know where it leads to. Believe, when you have no one left  to believe in you: Imagine when your imagination is empty; Hope, especially, when you have nothing, left, to hope for. And the impossible will become possible.