September 25, 2012

Hawks Eye View (10x16x6)

Clay, Cardboard, & Metal



This piece is about my power animal, the hawk and the paths it takes, and what is sees.  After identifying my power animal (an animal I relate to), I tried to figure out how it moves, and what it sees while moving.   I started of by identifying how hawks move, and what they can see while in the sky.  I used the ICHING to find out what my elements were (air & earth) and tried to incorporate these in to my piece by showing aspects like flying and the terrain below.  The hawk and I share traits like being defensive, and being very communicative and social with others.


We researched power animals and the one that most identified with me was the hawk.  After identifying my power animal I went to the zoo to look at how the hawk moves.  After sketching the wings’ movement and how the hawk walks, I made a flip book of a hawk flying to identify it’s movement.  Each of the paths I made represents something about the hawk.  The first path is how the hawk’s wings flap in the wind and how it glides across the air.  The second being how an airplane takes off, flies across the air, and then lands slowly again.  The third is a flying suit that closely mimics how birds can fly and glide in the air.


The natural element that identifies with me is earth and air.  You can see both of these by noticing that the clay that covers cardboard looks like a birds eye view of a hawk flying over the clouds.  The white represents the clouds, the blue is the water, and the green is grass.