In our Design and Engineering class, we were put into two different groups and asked to identify three problems in the world where how a simple hand washing station could come in handy. After coming up with the three locations (India, Uganda, and Bolivia), we than had to ask ourselves how could we design a hand washing station that can provide their needs. Questions we came up with were:

How can we design a handwashing station that will be easy for children to use?

How can we design a handwashing station that will be cheap and easy to build so it can be replicated for many people to use?

How can we design a water station that will provide water for animals?

After drawing out our plan and building our design, we built a water station. I learned that nothing works perfectly on the first try, especially if it’s something hand made. It’s a matter of trial and error and takes a lot of patience. The most rewarding feeling is to test out something you helped build and see it work. Below is the step by step process of the water station project and a video of the station in action.