The purpose of this project was to create a kinetic sculpture explaining the movement of: a power animal we picked, a handmade object and a human movement. My favorite part of this project was being able to choose what animal represents me the best. Something I found interesting while doing this project was connecting my power animal to the two movements (the human & the object) and then having to create 3 linear paths which in the end came out to be a kinetic sculpture.

Power Animal by GL

This is a picture of my kinetic statue.

Yawning Wolf
Clay, Wire, Cardboard
Size: 13″W x 13″L x 12.5″H

In this class we explored the meaning of power animals. Then each of us picked an animal, which we thought, resembled us the most mine being a wolf. Then we used the ICHING to help us learn about the elements our power animal could posses. Next we observed the movement of the animal and had to relate it to the movement of a hand-made object and human movement.To find these movements I first drew a flip book of the wolf howling and related it to movements we make everyday and movements that hand-made objects make. I chose the process of a wolf howling. Then I picked my humans movement, which was yawning. Next I had to pick a movement a hand-made object makes which was a scale and how the weights can make the scale go up and down similar to the head motion the wolf makes and the movement of a humans head as they scream. After we looked at the general movement of the ideas we picked.

Next I created a linear path of each movement using wire to structure the symbols of the movement. After creating the 3 linear wire patterns Then I created 4 white beads and put them on the wire which represent the motion now making it a kinetic sculpture. I needed a structure to put it all on so I found a piece of cardboard. Then I covered the entire piece of cardboard with clay. The colors I picked represents my animals natural element. I have brown clay which represents the bark on the trees, the green represents all of the leaves and trees and the grey represents the rocks and mountains and together they all represent the element of earth and nature.