I choose Music, Dance, and self defence to represent capoeira, because I believe they are the essence and back bone of the rhythm.  They add to capoeira instead of distract you from it. Capoeira is a dance and rhythm that comes from Brazil. The rhythm of capoeira is UUU-UUU- The name for capoeira I found is Dactyl capoeira. My goal was to write more in color than in rhyme. I achieved this by going in depth about how poetry connects to me and made an image of how it’s the door to my emotions.

power, strength, and protection
shield, security and toughness
Like capoeira
gotta use my common sense
Always on my defense
my moves so intense
Fighting to be free
of these walls that contain me
So I fight with poetry
like they fight with dance
standing up and taking a stance
Like Martin Luther King
When he said “I have a Dream”
always got my guard up
Cause I don’ t know who to trust
Life is full of lies and bad stuff
fake friends and twisted love
So I hide behind a mask to cover up
Using my words as shield
For the way I really feel
Cause I feel misunderstood
people only see the bad
and don’t appreciate the good
A camouflage
seeing the outside but not
understanding the deeper meaning
capoeira is extremely like me
Like capoeira my Poetry tells a story
And it is used for self-defense
My poetry is a
that when
with my emotions
Flipping and spinning
to the beat