In my Counter Culture class we discussed the meaning of a shout-out/invocation poem. A shout-out poem is a poem in which the poet usually calls to and appreciates a person, place or thing. Most of these poems relate to the people who go against or are not “normal”. They speak about the forgotten, unappreciated or loved. I enjoyed being able to write a poem like this because it allowed me to get the chance to speak to all the people in my life and tell them that they are not forgotten and their actions which sometimes get overlooked but are never forgotten. In this poem I was speaking about my family and the struggles we’ve faced but how we preserver til the end and are always their for one another. My family is my life and I felt they needed to be reminded of the love I have for them and the strong bong we have as well.

Below is a video of me reading my poem

And here is my poem. Hope you enjoy!

This is for the stressed and the blessed
and others who caresses the power of love.
you certainly belong with me

For all those who put their fears in a box
with a bow on the top
and send it away.
you easily belong with me

For the people who put sunshine in their pocket for another day.
and those who don’t need sunshine to dance in the rain,

For the couple who strive to be man and wife
and have a hard time seeing the light,
And the beauty of every day life.
you officially belong with me

For the moms and the dads who’s struggles of the day
are over passed by the fast pace life they live,
and the love they always try to give

To the brothers and the sisters
and the little siblings
who’s brittle emotions are about to break
Because of the footsteps her family made her take.

This is for the simple people in life who make it worth wild
For the ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things
And the dreamers who’s minds are stuck up in the skies
you belong with me

You are not alone
And together we can become something bigger
than just you and me.

See you are not alone,
You never were and never will be
Because you belong with US.