In art class I learned about the IChing and kinetic sculptures.
I am proud of the fact that I completed the sculpture.


Power Walking Gorilla

The idea of this piece it to show your power animal movement using clay and wire. Along with the power animal we had to make a similar human and mechanical movement that goes with the power animal. We also had to make a flipbook that shows your power animal doing the movement that you chose to put in your sculpture. We had to pick a natural element. My natural element was earth.

We went to the zoo to pick our power animal. The power animal I choose was a gorilla. In the sculpture I showed the gorilla walking, for the human movement I showed a human walking and for the mechanical movement I showed a conveyor belt. To show the movement we had to bend the wire, then we got clay to make feet so the wires would stand up. We had to make beads so it could go through the wire to show the movement.
We got cardboard so we could put the clay and the wires on the cardboard.