In my Art class we created sculptures that show different movements of power animals that relate to us. This project shows us how our certain power animal not only relate to them, but others. I am proud of this project because I am able to show my fellow classmates and the world not only my power animal, but the movement they make. In the process of creating this sculpture, I learned about how different animals connect to different people and how they relate to earth itself. Please look below where you will see my sculpture and a artist statement that goes more in depth of the process of creating this sculpture.



Nodding out

Wire, Clay, Cardboard

This piece is about recreating my power animal movement of an ox nodding his head, by bending a wire up and down to show movement. I was able to do this by doing research on all animals that relate to my element fire. Once I found my power animal, I went on YouTube to find videos of the movement it created. For example, I found an ox moving its head up and down as it was walking. Once I choose that movement, I plugged it in with a wire and put it on a cardboard base with clay.

You might ask, how did I find my power element? Well, that’s a great question, I used a book filled with itching’s, (fortunes). Each itching is connected to a element like earth and fire, wind, etc. You can find your itching by rolling dice like a game and writing down what you get, and it takes to a page with a fortune and a element. My element is fire. In my project, I represent fire by making the base for each wire orange.

The way we created this project was very exciting because we first sketched the animal and the movement. Once we finished that, we created a flipbook showing he movement of the animal. Once we finished that we sketched the actual movement on paper to recreate on wire. When we finished creating a wire we made the base and connected it to cardboard.

In conclusion, this project was very unique and fun from creating flipbooks, to bending wire to mimic our power animal movement.  It was a great project to start the year.