This is a piece I wrote in my counterculture class. The purpose of this poem was to make a invocation poem.  I interpretted the writing exercise in finding sterotypes that are common and reverse them. This idea was inspired by my Tiki Toki research on music artists. Especially when I did a research presentation on Eminem. I learned a lot about how he wasnt excepted because at the time hip hop music was conected to the African-American culture. So in this piece I tried to put people in scenarios that we dont typically see them. I am proud of how the piece turned out and I encourage you to leave any feedback in the comments section below.


This is for them, me and you

This is for
the white boys that can jump
the black boys that can’t dunk
the mexicans that are legal citizens
the illegal blondes
the minority that aren’t in poverty
the rich white kids that have problems too
this is for them, me and you
this is for the stereotypes
that aren’t always right

This is for the
slang users
drug abusers
hip hopping
alcoholic fiends
adolescent teens
this is for them, me and you

This is for
the blind that still see
the mute that still speak
the deaf that still hear me
the gays that still pray
the incarcerated that look forward to a new day
the teachers covered in tattoos
this is for them, me and you

This is for
the weird
the different
the outcasted
and casted out
this for them, me and you

for the news that aint always true
the misused
the falsely accused
wrongly abused
sometimes confused
this is for them, me and you

This is for
the ones that stand up
while sitting down
the ones that turn the world upside down
never lifting a foot off the ground
the girl who silenced the world
with one speech
the ones that are fighting to reach goals
and achieve things they could never believe
only dream
this is for them
for you
and for me