For our second Project as Action in our Counterculture class, we were asked to write poems that could fall under the category of imagining a future utopia. This was really difficult for me. I didn’t want to write a poem that is silly and purely imaginative and because I don’t know all the consequences of social changes. I don’t want to impose those. I struggled a lot and wrote a lot of different drafts and different poems, but eventually landed here with this poem and am pretty happy with the work I have done. We were also challenged to create a photo slideshow that illustrated the meaning behind our poem within our main and sub messages, why we chose to spread this message and the themes from Punk and Hip Hop that inspire us. I used quotes from my poem and my feelings towards the poem to supplement the images. See it below my video!


i’ve always felt like i need to know how to fix things
but somewhere along the line i grew up a little bit more than i thought i did
and now i wake up from dreams that i don’t remember having
i don’t dream
i get by
we all

and i think people become like lines when they get older
they never really stay close together for more than a moment
they just touch and go,
if they touch at all
and sometimes they run close enough to call it love
but they let themselves get pulled apart
never fighting when it gets hard.
and when i look at everything around me
i don’t see a place where good can be
just a blur of fast faces
and it gets so hard to look it all in the eyes and still want it

but i do want it
and i want it just like this,
like this with hearts full of grief and long, grueling days
like this
so if i had one magical world-changing wish that the universe wanted to give to me
i would wish that we did what we could
and when we run dry,
we push through
letting someone else try and fill us up again
filling up the world with random acts of kindness
remembering what it means to wish and dream and feel full
i guess what i really mean is
i wish people weren’t lines.