In the Art of Rhetoric course, we created a resume to help us understand more about ethos, meaning credibility. The purpose of this piece was to create a resume that is neat, readable and with valuable information, so you may get interviewed for a job. The point of this is to learn how to create a skilled resume and know what interviewers or companies expect from you. In order to complete and finalize my resume, I had to organize information about who am I. To finalize this piece, I had to share it with my classmates to make some corrections. This was my first resume.


[email protected]/ 312.643.0991/ 1535 N Dayton St • Chicago, IL 60642

Skills / Profile:

I have skills of focusing, listening, and understanding people who is communicating with me and most of them think I am dependable. I also like to write for fun, take new challenges and committed to work hard to help others in need. I am also a good performer because I performed at louder than a bomb, teen poetry slam.


– Jordan Elementary School, Chicago, IL(2008-2010)

– Global Citizenship Experience High School, Chicago, IL(2010-2014)


– Global Citizenship Experience High School, Chicago, IL(2010- 2014)

I interviewed people on field experiences with some GCE peers and took photos while visiting organizations. I write poems for fun and for competition.
– Robot Competition, Chicago, IL(2012)

I learned how the robot is made and built a motherboard for the robot which wouldn’t run without. I competed after the project was finished.
– Louder than a Bomb, Chicago, IL(2012)

I wrote poems in the poetry class in which I had to choose the best to compete with other poets.


– Scored perfect 10 in Louder Than Bomb 2012 (citywide poetry slam)
– Built a functioning robot for FRC (robotics competition)
– Competed in Chicago run 2010


– Kenny Bae ( Robotic instructor and a teacher)
[email protected]/312.643.0991/ 1535 N Dayton St • Chicago, IL 60642
– Hiu To ( Louder than a bomb Instructor)
[email protected]/312.643.0991/ 1535 N Dayton St • Chicago, IL 60642
– Carlos Leite ( WBEZ Power Discussion)
[email protected]/312.643.0991/ 1535 N Dayton St • Chicago, IL 60642