In our counter culture class we learned about identifying key elements that define the two different countercultures and investigate how different cultures influenced them.  For our second action project we wrote a poem about what we hoped a future utopia would looked like. This poem was more difficult that the first because I had trouble starting the poem and narrowing the broad imagine of utopias that I had in my head into only a few lines of a poem.

Who decides what is said?
and what is read?

If I was the one to decide
I’d  talk about what is not said
and those who’s stories never get read.

I would interview bus drivers, taxi drivers
and the delivery man.

I would speak to the people with no socks on their feet
who sit alone on the side of the street

See I would make sure to speak the truth
and tell the stories of those
who live in the shadows of society

If people believe everything they’ve read
it’ll just  get stuck in their head
Whether its a truth or lie
the story never seems to die

“Come writers and critics
who prophesies with your pen”
Mr. Dylan once said

I see change, truth, equality and peace in mind
I see stories of those who never get to shine

So now its time to change the minds
of all who look at the headlines

“I want all to shine
all to feel as if they were the stars”
That’d be my first headline

Who gets to decide what is
and what’s not important to the human mind
I can’t and don’t but if i did
im sure then people would have some hope.