This week in my Design and Engineering class, we made a wind turbine.  This task was definitely difficult and a little daunting at first but I ended up really enjoying myself.  The purpose of this project was to design our own, very small windmill and then calculate whether or not it’s benefits would really pay off in the end if it were to be installed at GCE.  I would say what I’m most proud of my groups resiliency and ability to keep a positive attitude even when it felt like our design might never work.  This process required a great deal of trial and error and sometimes it was very frustrating.  In the end, it felt so great to have a successful turbine and although the process to get there was hard, it was also enjoyable.  This project forced me to think outside the box by exposing myself to a newer, healthier way of creating energy and questioning the “norm” I have always been used to.  Below is a step by step presentation of my groups work:


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