In my Engineering and Design class, we learned about wind turbines and how they have the power to contribute a lot of natural energy. We were lucky enough to have the CEO of Windonics come in and explain more about wind turbines, how they work and their effect in our everyday lives. Windonics is a business that designs and sells wind and solar energy systems to help reduce the emission of hazardous gases as well as the consumption of valuable energy. Windonics gave the school our very own legitimate wind turbine which we got to help build. Soon enough we plan on putting the wind turbine on top of our school. After learning  the processe of wind turbines and how they are created, we created our own home made wind turbines. Though the process was difficult, I had a fun time learning how they work and how to build a wind turbine. Overall, it was a great experience and helped me become more of a global citizen by teaching me how to create these turbines I can now help create energy that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Below are pictures of the wind turbine that Windonics donated.