In my Design and Engineering class, my peers and I built a wind turbine! Now, I’m currently building a wind turbine for my art class as well, so I saw this as an opportunity to take the lead and help my classmates who are a bit more unfamiliar with wind turbines. In the beginning, I had taken a less than optimistic view when I found out that our resources were very limited, but our teacher, Mr. Bae, insisted that it was possible for us to build a functional turbine– even with the limited time and resources. We were unsure how to start at first, but we jumped right in and went about this task much like an actual engineer would: 1) doing a trial and error 2) readjusting and developing. Not only did we finish first out of all of the groups in our class, but, because we kept our design simple, our turbine produced the most energy out of all the others in the class! Please view my Prezi containing a more detailed step-by-step process and a video below!