The assignment given to me in my Countercultures class was to create an ‘Imagining a Future Utopia” type poem. The poem that I wrote ‘See It?’ is about imagining a brighter future and the project of my work was to draw peoples attention to the fact that there is hope and it’s up to you to change how people perceive what the ‘norm’ is. I learned that a second poem is harder than the first and I just can’t wait for the third. Not sure if that was sarcasm or not. Please enjoy!

Its time to open your eyes,
And wake up
Because you don’t need make up
To be seen.
So put down the magazine,
Telling you how to dress.
And don’t worry about your test.
Because your score?
It doesn’t matter anymore.
Forgot your phone?
Go live your life; it’s not the one waiting at home.

Welcome to reality
Where it doesn’t matter, your nationality
You won’t be judged with brutality
Forget their morality
Leave their preposterous thoughts alone
Because you have your own

Its time to open your eyes
Don’t you see?
Stick with me
YOU can choose what the next headline will be!
“All guns vanish and investigators go mad searching for nonexistent clues!”
“School teachers sit at desks as their students splatter paint on the walls and dance down the halls!”

Speak your mind and say what you need
Because on this new earth, that’s the way to succeed
There will always be someone listening
Thinking what you gotta say is interesting
So stand steady
Stand strong
Because you’ve always known you belong
Pick up that old paint brush from the art drawer in your basement
And color in the world
However you want
Think you’re not artistic? More of the writer type?
Choose your own font!
It could be Futura, Baskerville, or even Comic Sans.
Either way, the future basks in your hands

It’s time to open your eyes
To the sunrise
See it?