In my CounterCulture class we were introduced to the idea of this poem, “Imagining a Future Utopia”.  Immediately, I knew what I wanted to write.  Depression is a sickness I feel is often so misunderstood and it ruins far too many people’s lives because they aren’t able to see the light.  Personally, I’ve struggled and come out on the other side, knowing that with some hard work and genuine desire, the light will illuminate again.  I’m proud of this piece because it took real courage for me to write.  It’s so personal and real to myself but also so many other people and when it comes to depression I feel like often the darkness is focused on but not the beautiful light that brightens your life when you come out the other end, which is truly beautiful.

the days will not be full of darkness
but the light full of brightness
each day will not be dreaded
with an undeniable, unbelievable
feeling of sadness

the unknown will not cause worry
the all too familiar knot in your stomach
will not come when life is in a flurry

i will not know what it’s like to not be able to catch my breath
as my heart slowly breaks
and the tears hurry down my face

one single day will not feel like centuries
and the nights will not be sleepless
unless i’m busy at parties

my room will not be where i spend all of my time
a text from a friend will not be a surprising chime

there will be no judgements
no stigmas
no assumptions
all will be free
all will be welcome

Tomorrow will be better
and tomorrow will come