For my second action project in my Art of Rhetoric course, I focused on pathos. My assignment was to identify a problem, create a proposal, then take action! The problem I identified was that local coffee shops are being overlooked because Starbucks is buying them all out. I used pathos to support my argument by explaining how important local coffee shops truly are. After addressing the issue it was then time to take action! My call to action was to have my classmates taste-test items from both independent and corporate coffee shops. I predicted that my classmates would enjoy the food and beverages from the local coffee shop more. In the end my prediction was accurate; you can find my project in the slideshow below. I believe pathos is one of the most important modes of persuasion. In the end, most people go with something they have an emotional connection to. Once you find what your audience is interested in, you will be able to play with their emotions and make more of an appealing argument.