For the second unit of the Art of Rhetoric course, the project as action was to create an appeal and see if it works. We know an appeal works when people take action based on your appeal.  HP (my pal) decided to do this project together; introducing Falling Whistles and Kiva. Our goal was to introduce 2 ways to actively change the world… from your computer. HP and I have firsthand experience with Africa. We thought why not help advertise organizations that work to solve specific problems in Africa.

For Falling Whistles, we made a video to see how many people watch and get tobknow about it. For Kiva, we asked people to go to the website and simply learn how to donate and get the money back in a few months. Our appeal was to inform people how to change the world from your computer by simply donating money to a charity and knowing precisely where the money goes. Please watch my presentation below.