For my first action project in my Art of Rhetoric class, I made a professional resume. In the resume it had to be no longer then one page,had three references, three labeled sections, and free from spelling mistakes just to name a few requirements. I like this project because I learned some great tips on what should be on a resume, such as a objective statement, which tells your reason for wanting the job you are applying for. Below is my resume.

15310 Grant Dolton,IL 60419
Tel: 708-841-2846 Cell: 708-704-7854
Email: [email protected]
Objective Statement
I am a hard worker, determined, and focused person. I am friendly and work well with others. Although I have more experience in the volunteer field, I love to learn, and am always up to a challenge whatever the situation.I am looking for a position where I can develop and exceed while giving my best to my employer.

Work History
July 2012- Present
Assistant at AMA Billing Services
At AMA billing services I do work from home. I go into the computer database and type in patients medical bills information. There I see whether or not they paid their bills and what amount of money they owe. After that I email the company with the information.

Jan 2009-Present
Child Caretaker
I have babysat children from ages of infancy to thirteen years of age. I also have changed diapers, cooked meals, entertained, and put children to sleep for naps.

Volunteer Service
April 2012-Present
Regional Building Committee
As part of my religion(Jehovah’s Witness) I am a Kingdom Hall Volunteer worker.What that means is I help with the remodeling or building of Kingdom Halls( if you don’t know what a kingdom hall it is, it is a place of worship). I volunteer in helping putting down tile on the floors and walls. I have also have cooked and served food to the other volunteers, assisted with fixing the sound system, and painted walls.

October 2010-March 2011
Interfaith House
During my freshman year of high school three times out of the school year I volunteered at Interfaith House, a homeless shelter. There I helped organized clothes for the homeless and prepared and served food for them.

Jessica Miller: School Counselor
Email:[email protected]

Romone Baker:Boss at AMA Billing services
Email:[email protected]

Vern Foreman:Lead volunteer in the RBC tile department
Email:[email protected]