I chose the lion as my power animal because the lion represents my name in Hebrew. The lion stands for the element of earth and how it keeps its balance. The three movements that represent my power animal are speed, running, and jumping. I made a flipbook that portrayed the lion, which when you flip the pages, you can see how fast the lion moves. I also used three long pieces of metal, which I used as sculptures, to bend in the shapes of how the lion moves. I used sculpey to balance the wires on a piece of cardboard. I learned how to think about the lion’s movement and how it compares to machine and human activity. I learned that lions are very fast and very good jumpers. I also learned that the lion represents stability, protection, dignity, loyalty, truth, trust, and sense of responsibility and community. These are qualities we value in human connections and are encouraged by the example of a lion. I am proud of how I put together the project, and I am proud of how I learned about power animals represent humans and forces of nature.