Artist Statement Project 3


Fierce Tiger Running


The materials I used for my project were: hot glue gun, metal wire, Styrofoam ball, green yarn and cardboard.

In our art class The Great Pretender, the final project was to incorporate movement into art. The steps I took to create my piece were to first research how the earth is currently being used as natural energy.

My research about the element of earth is that I learned the main source of natural energy is the sun, the wind, and earth. I also learned that you could produce natural foods for eating as well as natural ways for electricity and heating. Besides earth can produce natural resources like zinc, copper, cotton, sand and petroleum. From that research, I did a sketch draft of what my project would look like and then I brainstorm materials. My power animal and the relationship to earth inspired my piece.

When looking at the piece, the ball represents the tiger. When a tiger runs, his body is like a wave, so that’s what I tired to have the wire look like. As the ball is pulled along the wire, it represents its movement and the relationship to earth. The green yarn represents the grass and nature. I started with the piece of cardboard and scaled everything else around that.

The piece incorporates found materials that were collected through the weeks of the class. Balancing the ball to the beginning of the wire wave creates the movement of the sculpture. When moving the ball it is going through the waves and at the end it falls at a balanced position.

I learned that we used found materials and we had to incorporate the found materials to make a sculpture that represents our power animal’s element. We had to do a blue print and how our sculpture would turn out to be and to see if there was any problem and to see what I had to change and made a difference and to make it better and to stand out.

I am proud of how I had to incorporate all the materials to make my sculpture that represents my power animal’s element and how it would turn out to be.




This is a picture of my power animal sculpture










This is the blueprints to making  my power animals movement.