For my English class (Art of Rhetoric), I was asked to pick a prompt from a university, and write their admissions essay. I chose UC Boulder, the prompt was for someone that has influenced and impacted me. This helped me become a better writer and touch with my family and memory. Take a look!


Sean Mallers
University of Colorado at Boulder

Who are the influential people in your life? How have they contributed to your development as a person?

My family is somewhat notorious where I’m from. Growing up where the doors are always open, anyone is family and family is everyone. My brothers, sisters, and cousins have brought their friends, teammates, and extended family into my life. Through the many, but one has stood out in my mind. He is a humble, loving, and respectful person. In everywhere I’ve been and ever will be, I will never be affected by such a nonchalant character. He is wise, funny, and self taught, yet he only goes by the name of Scoop. He is my brothers best friend, my brother is since in college. Scoop’s impact on my family was too much to let him go. He is now an active member of my family. Scoop was a childhood nickname given to him due to his heavy set demeanor. Scoop is an african american, overweight, sweetheart who, technically lives at my house. I don’t believe anyone has ever made me more of the person I am today, then him. Growing up the way I did, I never fell into place with a role model or hero. This made me defensive, witty, and self assuring. The only figure I found comforting was him. Going through my childhood memories, Scoop is in every picture, video, and home movie. I have learned so much by just knowing him. Not by being a leader to me, but by being an equal. Scoop gave me my taste of music, sarcastic and witty tang, competitive desire, and ability to accept someone as a brother. The prompt very well says influential people, but in my life, there is only one, I don’t refer to him as Mr. or sir. Just as a goofy and catchy nickname, just as the person he is, Scoop.