Our first project as action for Art of Rhetoric was to create our own resumes. This was an exercise in understanding, and then presenting, our own ethos. Before beginning we considered what our skills, interests, and experiences included. Then, once we were familiar with the look of a professional resume, we began to compose our own. After weighing the various criteria for a resume we created a rubric, which we then used to critique our classmates’ rough drafts. Click the image below to see a larger version of the feedback I received on my first draft.

With that feedback we revised the resumes, and added references and objective statements, which had not been included in the originals. Throughout the process I felt very conscious that this was something I would at some point be presenting not just to my peers or teacher, but to a possible future employer. It was difficult to write about myself and know how to format that information, but as we worked on it I gained more confidence and I now have a much better understanding of how to present myself as a skilled candidate for a position. Below is a copy of my final resume: