Here’s to a dream is a poem I wrote in counterculture class about the problems in the world and how I hope they will change in the future. I’m proud of the way I was able to portray the problems in the world and how I would hope to the change them without making it to heavy. I love the idea of a dream instead of the future because I feel like the future is too hard to imagine like this for some people but anything can happen in a dream. Below is my video of me presenting the poem as well as the poem. Enjoy!

Here’s To A Dream

A dream where it won’t matter if
you’re fat or thin or the color of your skin
where it’s no longer a factor just an ignorant opinion

A dream
where I can be a vegan
that still eats select meats

A dream in which I am on
Mondays and Tuesdays Muslim
Wednesday and Thursdays Buddhist
Friday and Saturday Jewish
Sunday morning Christian and Sunday night atheist

A dream where I can celebrate
Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa
I can have a quinceanera, sweet 16, and Bar Mitzvah

I dream of a day where the world is no longer black and white
because God gave us a crayon box of diversity and the gift of sight

I dream of a day when
whites no longer have to apologize for their ancestors mistakes
or feel that because of their race there’s an eternal price they have to pay

I dream of a day where we acknowledge the rainbows and
what they are trying to say
accept gays instead of trying to beat them straight

Here’s to a dream

where yesterday leaves no regrets
and tomorrow is full of promise
so today you can rest

where stars are in reach
the future is at your fingertips
all goals can be achieved

where people will no longer
be categorized or filed away
neatly into society’s sectors

A dream that can become