For our MDGs Unit 3 Action Project, we’ve written a poem and created an illustration to inform people about our target and indicator. We chose MDG 6, Target 6.1: HIV Prevalence Among Population aged 15-24 years. We’ve received our information from these two sources, UNFPA State of world Population 2005, and We hope you enjoy and have deep thoughts about the message in this poem and illustration.





What are the red ribbons?
What do they symbolize?
Could it be blood and aid?
maybe sorrow and pain…
HIV is not easily seen
it sneaks up from behind,
and never lets go
there’s no protection once it catches you

It doesn’t care who it gets
big or small
young or old
rich or poor
just don’t let it get you

It feeds off of us
and doesn’t go away
once it multiplies,
there’s no going back

10 million people  are living with HIV
even under the age of 24

AIDS is next in line
the weaker you get,
the closer you are to your death

Only 26% of pregnant women
living in these countries
received HIV tests

It can be prevented
only if you choose to prevent it

6000 youth are infected
each day
with HIV

HIV as an MDG was just for show
solved by 2015
I don’t think so