For my MDGs and You class we were ascribed to compose a poem and create an illustration equivalent to the message and intimation of our poem. The purpose was to raise awareness about the importance of getting tested along with what knowledge brings which is hope. My partner and I chose to work on Indicator: 6.3 Proportion of population aged 15-24 years with comprehensive correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS. We listed some facts on different countries regarding the level of comprehensive correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS. We hope you enjoy you enjoy it.

                                                                                                           You Need to Know

This is the generation of ignorance

Where not knowing can kill

where death comes crawling like fog in the night

where teaching and knowledge can bring light and life.

You need to know. Eighty six per cent of Indian youth know it’s important to have a monogamous relationship.

It does not show on a face

it’s not on a driver’s license

yet it’s something you need to know

about someone


and yourself.

You need to know. Fifty three per cent of youth in Malaysia think they can get AIDS from a mosquito bite.

AIDS is a silent killer

you may not know you have it

you may not know he has it

and you may not know she has it

But you need to protect yourself and others.

You need to know. In the Kibaha region of Tanzania, fourteen per cent of youth have never heard of condoms.

How many deaths will we have to see

before we learn

to teach to get tested

to practice safe sex

to wear condoms to prevent AIDS.

You need to know.

Knowledge brings hope

hope is a butterfly fluttering over a dead meadow

let’s stand together arm in arm

lets all stand as one against AIDS.

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