For my MDG unit 3 action project, I wrote a poem and created an illustration. The poem had to explain one MDG ( Millennium development goals) target. My target foucused on curing HIV. From this project I am proud of my poem because I didn’t know that I write good poems. To learn more about my target, and my poem please check out my full project below!

MY                                                                                                                                   Nov-1-2012
                                                             Get It Before It Gets You
For our MDGs Unit 3 Action Project, we wrote a poem and created an illustration to educate others about a target and indicator. We chose MDG 6, Target 6.b: Achieve, by 2010, universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS . We pulled information from three sources; the world fact book (HIV/AIDS – ADULT PREVALENCE RATE, 2009), the World Health Organization (10 facts on HIV/AIDS,2011), and Avert website (Universal Access to AIDS Treatment: Targets and Challenges, 2011). We hope you enjoy our poetry and illustration.
A silent killer
It’s a leech that latches to your body and grasps you
It sucks away your humanity
It’s not easy to cure
It becomes your shadow
Once you get it
It follows you forever
And gets emotionally attached
HIV is what you will get
AIDS is what comes next
6.65 million people have access to antiretroviral therapy
But  7 million are still in need of it
26% adults in Swaziland are infected
And that is the highest percentage in the world
Millions of people die each day in the world
 Tell the world
  We will find a cure
And we will win the war
As individuals
Lets stand and fight
Get tested  before its too late
And  Spread the message
HIV is real
AIDS is deadly
But both can be prevented