This is my action project for Arts.The project I worked on was about a power animal and how I would make it move like a machine. I made a pulley system. It came out great it worked perfectly. What I learn was how my power animal moves and how to make it move like a machine.

Video of The Lemur Monkey System


The Lemur Monkey System


Materials: Green string

My Piece is a is about a red fur lemur monkey, and how it moves in the way of the form of the monkey. The general idea of the is about the animal that I chose and make a type of machine that makes it move in the way that the monkey does.

First I glued a long tube to a wheel. Second I put the long green string through the tube so it comes out of both ends. Third I attached the whisk and the monkey to each end of the the string then to the string so each could be balanced and leveled.  The movement of my project represents heaven/air, something to do with climbing in the air.  All the color represent air, the blue is for the blue sky.