For the Great pretender course, my art class, we were ascribed to make a kinetic sculpture relating to the pattern of movement of our power animal. The purpose of this project was to help epitomize and apprehend our power animal’s motion of movement. I am very content with how my sculpture’s manifestation. I am very proud about how much effort I put into It.

Name of artist: GN
Date Completed: 10/2012
Title of the piece: An Abstract Bird
Measurements: 9” x 5” x 5”
Materials used:
Foam ball, Cardboard, Yarn, Wires, Piece of wood, Skewers, Tape, Paint, Cap

The Idea behind this piece (An abstract bird) is very simple. I had many ambitions, one of these desires was to include a feature representing my power animal in the sculpture. The movement of the wings was what I did to represent this. We were ascribed to illustrate a specific pattern of movement. The pattern of movement in my sculpture needed to demonstrate a movement similar to the our power animals (a bird).

Blueprint of my sculpture.

I took many steps in order to accomplish this concept.
I observed the movement of my power animal to understand and be able to illustrate its pattern of movement. Afterwards, I designed a blueprint of the sculpture. In the blueprint I noted which found objects I will be using and the measurements of my sculpture.

Each part of my sculpture represents something.The knitting around the sculpture symbolizes a nest and the base represents a tromp of a tree. My natural element is represented through the movements of the piece of wood in the middle of my sculpture, which is moving back and forth. My choices in color were blue and white because, I wanted to represent the the sky. Everything in my sculpture has an essence to birds.

To create this sculpture I started by creating a base, which i did by cutting triangular piece of cardboard and taping them together. Then, put the skewers at the edges of the base. Cut a hole at the to put a skcure through then used foam balls. I used a piece of wood in between the foam balls to created a scale. Lastly, I used foam balls as weights.