For our final project in Kinetic Movement (Art), our goal was to design a piece of art that resembled a natural element in the way it moved.  My element was air, and I made a wind turbine.  We did this by first creating a blue print of what we wanted our art piece to look like.  I include the size, materials I would use, and how it would move.  Look below to see a video of my wind turbine in action!


November 4, 2012

Wind Turbine

Wood, Glue, & Spray Paint



This piece is about embracing my element, Air and incorporating it into kinetic art.  I did this by starting out with picking a moving object, I picked a turbine.  We then made a blueprint mapping out all of the details of our soon to be piece of art, including measurements, materials, how it will move, etc.


This piece represents both how wind moves, and how a falcon takes flight (my power animal).   My object embraces wind in the way it moves and flow, and embraces a falcon in the path it takes.


I made this piece by getting a large stick to hold the wind turbine, I then used wood for the wings with cups on the end of the wood.  The cups pick up the wind and get projected forward which makes the turbine spin.  I then made final touches like reinforcing the wings and painting it to make it look more ascetically pleasing.