For my Art class, (the great pretenders) we were asked to design wired sculptures that mimic the movement of our power animal. My animal was a bear. I chose to mimic, slow, circular, repetitive movements.

Completed 9/25/2012
Path of Bears
Materials: Sculpy, wire, cardboard.
27 in., 24 in., 9.5 in. 
My project is about the path of a bear slowly moving. I had to do extensive reading and watching on power animals and bears moving. The movements were slow and repetitive. Learning about the Iching and connecting earths elements helped me understand the bears movement. I first decided I was a bear by reading the personality traits and how I can connect to it. We then took a trip to the zoo explore our power animals. The bears were soundly sleeping during my visit but it was still easy to see the way they composed themselves. I chose the bear because of his carefree attitude and environment. He believes in doing what he has to do and never being phased by humans or other animals.WIRES

The project consists of three wires that cross and overlap each other through a platform of cardboard. The first wire is representing the bear’s steps. The wire is sculpted in long, big loops. This represents how long and slow the bear moves. The next wire was set to resemble movements of a human being. I was to represent the bear’s circular movements, I chose a baby crawling. The wire is in much smaller and more repetitive. My third wire is to be a mechanical movement. I chose a tanks wheel slowly turning. The loops and turns are flatter and longer than the others.

I first did a sketch of how I think the animal moves. I then created a flipbook of my animals movements. The flipbook consisted of a bear taking steps in a forward direction. I then sketched the path I would like the wires to move in. After that I shaped my wire in the direction I want it to move. Finally, I molded the Sculpey, connecting the wire and the cardboard, finishing the assignment.