For our second action project we create a kinetic sculpture. This sculpture was a follow up to the previous kinetic sculpture I created. It relates back to the motion of my spirit animal; a wolf howling. While howling the wolves make an up and down movement. I decided to create a sculpture that resembles a scale. First I had to complete a required blue print. The blue print was a way for us to figure out a plan before the processes even started. We had to explain how we used our natural element to fuel the movement of a wolf howling. I had many different sketches on the blue print, which eventually change over time. Trial and error was a huge factor in this project. It took a while until my original design was finally ready to came together. I was proud I finished this project it was very challenging and took a lot of thought and construction.

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Kinetic Sculpture

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Blue PrintBlue Print

Artist Statement
Balance of Nature
Clay, Paint, Leaves, Wood stick, Yarn, Styrofoam, Cardboard tube, Glue.

The Purpose of this sculpture was a follow up to the previous sculpture we did. My piece explains the up and down movement of a wolfs’ head as it howls. It does suppose to resemble a scale. With two different weights pulling the center stick down and up similar to the wolves’ movement. It was a difficult task to take on. It was difficult because a lot of constructing and designing went into which made it hard for me. I couldn’t even think about where to begin.

The first step of this project was figuring out what kind of sculpture to make and what it would look like. I made a few sketches, and found the one I felt worked the best. It took a few tries but eventually worked out. Next I had to make a more specific sketch including the items I needed and explain exactly how I would make it move while incorporating the element of earth.

After sketching and designing my sculpture it was time to build! I reconstructed my sculpture 3 times before I was finally done. First I glued a cardboard tube to a paper plate to keep it steady. Next I took a thin wood stick and slit to holes on the topsides of the cardboard tube. Then I added two pieces of clay on each onside on weighed more then the other. I painted the plate grey to resemble rocks and glued leaves all over the entire sculpture to help represent the element of earth. This project was very interesting to create it took a lot of trial and errors for me to finally get the sculpture I wanted. In the end I am happy with what it ended up to be.