“Moth Turbine”
• Paper Plates
• Spray Paint (gold, black, red)
• Packing Tape
• Styrofoam ball
• Metal Rod
• Wire
• CD case cap
• Clay
12”x8inThere were a lot of different concepts that went into the creation of my wind turbine! First and foremost, our focus throughout the course was how nature inspires and powers movement– and we chose to express this by creating a kinetic piece of art. My art piece is heavily prompted by the idea of sustainability, which was why I chose my piece to be a windmill. Another concept that this piece spawned from was an exercise we did at the beginning of the term to find our power animal. Lastly, my design was dictated by the element that I opted to represent my power animal– which I decided to be air. This was reason I chose to use a windmill: to demonstrate the element I chose and the movement of my power animal.
My process in this project was dictated by doing. I started by drafting a blueprint of the windmill, but as far as materials I intended to use, the final design strays pretty far from my original. It was not until I was actually DOING, going through the process of building and troubleshooting, that my design came to life. Structurally, my design is, for the most part, the same as I’d intended it to be.
Please view my kinetic art sculpture by clicking the link below!