My Spanish class, (casa) we were asked to write and debate about our perfect house. We  did a lot to prepare for this project.We had DePaul students from all over the world visit our school and talk about culture! We even visited the center for Green Technology. I discovered that it isn’t to hard to make your own house green. My ideal house would have a mini farm in the backyard! Check it out here!


Why is my ideal home the best and only option to consider when building/remodeling homes that help promote an MDG? Mi casa perfecta apoya un MDG porque hara tu propia comida. Yo tengo la granja en mi patio trasero. Mi casa apoya MDG numero 7. MDG 7 es el MDG que  apoya sustentabilidad.
Punto principal 1: Mi casa tiene la granja.  Mi granja sera pequena en mi patio trasero.



Punto principal 2. Todas las luces seran apagadas cuando usted las usa. Esta appoya MDG 7 tambien.

Punto principal 3. Mi casa tendra diferente ducha. Esta apoya MDG 7 tambien. La ducha es pequena. La ducha da poquita agua.


Mi casa va a ser difícil de mantener. Hay un montón de cosas a mantaner.

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