In my great pretender art class, I created a kinetic sculpture which is a sculpture that can move on its own. My sculpture was a egg in a bottle full of water. The way my sculpture works is that when you light a candle inside a bottle the candle would need oxygen, so it pulls in the egg and gets air through the top. The hardest part about this project was actually lighting the candle because the candle is in a bottle with little oxygen. The part that I am most proud of is the egg falling in the bottle because I felt like I accomplished my project as a whole. Please look below at a video and picture of my art work! Also please take a look at my artist statement, which goes in depth about what the background was about this project! Please click on ——->art<——– to see my video.


Monday October 29, 2012

Ox in a bottle

Glass bottle, hard-boiled egg

This piece is about how my kinetic project relates to my animal movement which is an ox bobbing his head up and down. My kinetic sculpture is a bottle with an egg at the bottom floating on water. I got this idea from a person that performed this activity on YouTube, and I thought it connected to my project because when the egg hits the bottom of that bottle it bobs back and forth on the water.

There were five main steps in the process of creating this. The first stem was getting all of the materials together because without all of the materials there would not be a project. The second step of this project is to get water from the sink to fill up the bottle half way. The third step is to trim down the candle and put it in the bottle. The fourth step is to light the candle in the cup. The last step is to watch the egg get sucked in to the bottle because of the smoke pulling it in.

The main materials that I used was glass, which was easy to get because students brought in materials, matches which I bought, and a hardboiled egg which I also bought. The size made the project easier because the bottle dose not need that much matinees as a large glass pitcher. Each of these elements represent a specific thing, like the egg is the ox, the match is the fire, and the bottle is the world.

The purpose of this project was to show everyone not only how my power animal moves but how it relates to me. This project in my eyes was very realistic because this not only showed how my power animals relates to this element, but it also shows how easy it is to connect elements to yourself.