I did this project for my great pretender art class. The point of this project was to make a sculpture of our power animal’s movement. I learned how to have confidence in my work and how to keep trying no matter how many times I fail.

Click the link below for the blueprint I used to build my sculpture:

Retrieve the Apple BLUEPRINT

Click on the image below to see the video:

bear climbing
white plastic tube,brown duct tape,moss,branches,rocks,marble,fishing line,Styrofoam,aluminum foil,

I made a sculpture for my Great pretender art class, this sculpture represented a bear climbing a tree for my power animal. I chose a bear because it is my power animal. First off I cut slits in a plastic tube and made a bear out of styrofoam and aluminum foil; next I tied two sticks together and put it through the tube and connected the bear to the sticks; next I tied a string to the sticks inside the tube and tied a rock to the end of the string and then I decorated it with branches and brown duct tape — and finally I made a base for the tube and decorated it with rocks and moss.

In this project I learned how to keep my confidence strong and keep trying even though it didn’t work the first couple tries, but I finally got it to work but I learned how to have confidence in my work and keep trying.