For my final project in my art class, I made a piece called simply breezy. The piece is strings of yarn hanging down from a front fan grid. This artwork is suppose to be mimicking the movement of a horse’s tail swaying back and forth. How I developed this idea was, I made a blue print of my design. Originally my design was to have a group of sticks formed into legs to represent the different movements of a horse’s leg. As air spins a wind mill, I used air to move my piece. Later I changed my design to have strings to represent the tail of the horse instead. Below is my artist statement of this piece, my pictures of my blue print, and a video my of piece in action.

Jazzy J
November 2012
Piece name: “Simply breezy”
Materials used: Green yarn and a front fan grid
Size:12 inches

My piece, simply breezy, is supposed to be mimic the swaying back and forth movement of a horse’s tail. The light and dark green yard hangs down from the fan grid. When the air hits the  string it sways back and forth copying the movement of a horse’s tail. How I got to develop this concept was I a long process. First I started to research power animals.I also went to the zoo to study the movements of different animals. After finishing the research I found that my power animal, which best represents me, is a horse. Horses are graceful, beautiful, and intelligent, so that’s why I think they best represent me. Next I made a piece Dr. Seuss’s Laying on Cloud 9. In that piece are three paths in my piece, each representing a different movement. The very tall path represents a human sprinting, the longest path is mimicking the movement of a heart monitor, and the spiral path represents a horse galloping in the air. Finally after completing this I started to make a blue print to build my piece and then built simply breezy.