For our final project in Art (the Great Pretender) we created moving sculptures to simulate our animal’s movement. We did this to learn more about kinetic sculptures, and put our knowledge into practice. I enjoyed this project and re-learned a few wood shop skills.

Below is my artist statement and a few pictures/videos of my project (Lion’s Leap).

Here is my artist statement :
My project is a ramp, simulating a lion leaping. I had to switch my natural element from fire, to wind. I did this because fire was too difficult to reciprocate in a sculpture, so I chose the element I thought second best represented a lion jumping. To build this ramp, first I chose to pieces of wood that were more firm. I connected those 2 pieces of the ramp with a piece of cement, to connect and hold down the ramp (to give it a curve). Then with a flimsier piece of wood, I attached one end to the base and then curved it up to make the ramp. Then to keep my wire ball on the track, I had to put sides on the ramp. I had to measure and cut more flimsy wood. Lastly, I put 2 nails on the base side of the ramp, and attached a rubber band. This would be my slingshot-esque launching pad for the wire ball. The only problems I ran into was having to relocate the nails, trying to find the best place to put them to launch my ball.The reason I made this project was to show the path a lion takes when it’s leaping into attack. It starts out low but accelerates rapidly and rises up. Overall I’m proud of this project. I did the majority of it on my own, but also had help from my teacher. It’s one of the best projects I have made.